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Care Coordination Expansion

If you are in the Care Coordination Entities Program (CCE), Integrated Care Program (ICP), or the Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative Program (MMAI) to pick an health plan, or to get more information, visit the Illinois Client Enrollment Services Website at or call Illinois Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880 (TTY: 1-866-565-8576).

  1. To view the Health Plan types and information about the state’s Care Coordination Expansion, please visit:
  2. To view the Health Plan options by county on the Care Coordination Expansion Map, please visit:
  3. To view the Care Coordination Roll-Out Plan Summary (January 2013-January 2015), please visit:
  4. To view the Care Coordination Roll-Out Chart by Health Plans, please visit:
  5. To view an important revised HFS’ Provider Notice on the Care Coordination Enrollment for Children, Families, and ACA adults, which includes MCO, MCCN, CCMN, and CCE Contact Information, along with ACE information by zipcode/county, please visit:
  6. To view the Procedures for Enrollment of Medicaid Clients into Care Coordination, including HFS Health Plan Outreach Guidelines (link on page 3), please visit:
  7. To view the Managed Care Expansion Mail Schedule, please visit:
  8. To view HFS’ comprehensive Q&A; from the HFS 6/30/14 Roll-Out webcast, please visit:
  9. To view an important HFS Provider Notice on the Care Coordination Health Plan Identification and Billing Procedures Depending on Health Plan Enrollment, please visit:

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